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About Our Company

Apogem Recruitment aims to provide the very best online recruitment experience.
Our site is designed to be straightforward and easy to use for all candidates. Unlike some other recruitment sites, we seek to provide you with the quickest routes for applying for jobs.
Apogem Recruiment is one of the leading recruitment companies based in Vancouver, BC, we specialize in offering jobs in the British Colombia and Toronto, Ontario areas and surrounding areas, we are able to offer staff to employers and vacant positions to candidates on a temporary or permanent basis.

The main industry sectors that we offer recruitment services to are: Warehouse staff, Care Homes, Logistics Company, Coach/bus Companies, IT and Engineering.

We provide flexible and cost effective recruitment solutions across all business sectors on both a temporary and permanent basis. Our commitment to customer service and quality standards, we have an exceptional reputation. If you have any questions, or would like to know more contact us.

APOGEM RECRUITMENT AGENCY LTD is a Qualified Agent/Student Counsellor for all Colleges and Universities in Canada with License number: ITAC 1701

Our Core Services to College and University’s Students Worldwide are:
1. Provide information on destination Countries e.g life styles and Costs.
2. Provide Information on education options; Courses and Pathways.
3. Provide Counselling to Students to ensure the most appropriates Course selection.
4. Process enrolment applications.
5. Process Visa applications.

Our Core Services to Education Providers(Colleges & Universities) are:
1. Recruit suitable Students
2. Process Student application
3. Provide Market information
4. Market & Promote Education Providers


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